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Dr. Elana Siew is an Industrial Psychologist with two decades of experience in consulting, Industrial Psychology and Business Enablement.

She focuses on the people within the business, understanding what makes them effective, and implementing strategies

to enhance employees' competence, flourishing, and ultimately their effectivity.

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Meet Elana

Our Experience

Having worked across 28 industries in companies of varying sizes and at different stages of their life cycle, certain commonalities have been drawn.

These are combined with a very deep appreciation for the factors that make each business unique.


Within this each person has immeasurable potential and individual gifts which need to be unearthed and appreciated.


This is part of what makes actualising your competence so important.

Our Process

Analysis and listening form the foundation of Industrial Psychology. We take a philosophy of seeking to understand before being understood.


All processes are professional, well-thought through and in the best interests of our clients' businesses.

All business improvement resides on a foundation of competence.


With this in mind, the 5 components of competence are actively used as the benchmark to develop an individual, team or business from a current state to their desired state.

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