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In this revolutionary book, Dr Elana Siew shows how a more complete understanding of competence can change working lives for the better. Drawing on 18 years of experience within organisations and an in-depth first hand knowledge of developing individuals and teams, she describes in clear accessible language the key components of competence, and various methods that individuals, managers and executives can use to build competence within their workplace.


Elana suggests practical ways in which all of us can develop personal and professional competence within our varied work spaces. 


Elana Siew PhD is an industrial psychologist with 2 decades of experience in Consulting, Industrial Psychology and Business Enablement. Her focus is on the people within the business, understanding what makes them effective, and implementing strategy to enhance employees' competence, flourishing, and ultimately their effectivity



The most brilliant summary of all the requirements to become competent in any sphere of your life!!

A break through in defining how anyone in any situation can become competent.​

                                        Neale Roberts (Managing Director of SA Business Coaches)

Very useful breakdown of the components of competence and how to identify and assess each component.

The book uses a conversation between colleagues to analyse the differences between them in each component of competence - this was useful to an extent but from my perspective made the book far more wordy than necessary.

Either way, BEAKS is a very useful way of helping managers, coaches and individuals understand where to place their attention when trying to develop competence.

                                                            Briony Liber (Business and Professional Coach)

Competence or the ability to perform our tasks is essential to successful job performance.


This book provides a framework to understand and improve it.

Everything is clearly explained. It can be applied to virtually all tasks, personalities and situations.

This is great for managers and people who would like to perform better in an aspect of their task performance in most contexts.

​                                                                                                              Fayona Meyerovitz

                                                                     (Previous Chairperson of the New England

                                                     Chapter of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society)

Competence Refined

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