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Coaching is a process through which a person develops and grows themselves to a place that they would like to be, either in their lives or in the careers.


Competence coaching takes an eclectic approach by considering you as an individual and structuring a path that is most likely to encourage you to cultivate your own development.


Competence coaching is a structured and systematic method that aims you towards a defined outcome or goal.


Each person is unique and each personal process will vary, however, the 5 elements of competence are applicable to all environments and will propel you to achieve your end result.

Embark on the life changing experience of competence coaching for yourself and your team to uplift the standards throughout your organisation!

Competence Coaching 

Travel is not included in the above pricing

Additional personality and other assessments are available on request

If more than 3 members of a team have individual coaching, a team coaching discount is applicable

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